Common misspellings for 795:

u795, 7u95, 7i95, 79i5, 7o95, 79o5, 79r5, 795r, 79t5, 795t, 79 5.

Usage examples for 795

  1. And with a mournful voice, Rustum replied:- Fear not; as thou hast said, Sohrab, my son, So shall it be: for I will burn my tents, And quit the host, and bear thee hence with me, 795 And carry thee away to Seistan, And place thee on a bed, and mourn for thee, With the snow- headed Zal, and all my friends.  Narrative and Lyric Poems (first series) for use in the Lower School by O. J. Stevenson
  2. For this purpose he created many bishoprics, one being at Paderborn, in 795, a favourite place of residence with the emperor.  The Cathedrals and Churches of the Rhine by Francis Miltoun