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Usage examples for Addison

  1. Addison promptly put down these constitutional effects of loss of the adrenal bodies to loss of something produced by them of constitutional importance.  The Glands Regulating Personality by Louis Berman, M.D.
  2. The following extract from a sonnet by Addison Alexander shows what may be done by short Anglo- Saxon words; but, because of its lack of musical rhythm and fine poetic quality, it is not to be commended as a model: " Think not that strength lies in the big round word, Or that the brief and plain must needs be weak.  Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism by F. V. N. Painter
  3. Meeson, Addison, and Roscoe?  Mr. Meeson's Will by H. Rider Haggard
  4. Surely, we ought to sing with our whole hearts that beautiful hymn of Addison:- How are thy servants blest, O Lord!  Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and California by Mary Evarts Anderson