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Usage examples for avoids

  1. It avoids the great illuminated places, and gives its mind to the stretches of intervening twilight.  Five Stages of Greek Religion by Gilbert Murray
  2. Most preaching instinctively avoids the definitely religious themes; deals with the ethical aspects of devotion; with conduct rather than with worship; with the effects, not the causes, the expression, not the essence of the religious life.  Preaching and Paganism by Albert Parker Fitch
  3. The Marquis de Montcalm is at the head of a great number of bad soldiers, and I am at the head of a small number of good ones, that wish for nothing so much as to fight him; but the wary old fellow avoids an action, doubtful of the behavior of his army.  Historic Handbook of the Northern Tour by Francis Parkman
  4. It avoids steep mountain sides and exposed situations.  The Forests of Mount Rainier National Park by Grenville F. Allen