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Usage examples for congestion

  1. Every candid man will acknowledge that the enormous congestion of wealth in a few hands which exists to- day is a danger to be feared.  Monopolies and the People by Charles Whiting Baker
  2. As we turned from Broad Street into Main, I found that the congestion was greater even than I had supposed.  The Million-Dollar Suitcase by Alice MacGowan Perry Newberry
  3. When the congestion becomes so great that it threatens to hold up the unending stream of motor- lorries which rolls through the city, day and night, between the great cantonments in the outskirts and the port, a tall British military policeman suddenly appears from nowhere, shoulders the Greek gendarme aside, and with a few curt orders untangles the snarl into which the traffic has gotten itself and sets it going again.  The New Frontiers of Freedom from the Alps to the Ægean by Edward Alexander Powell