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Usage examples for isaac

  1. Here is a charter for slaveholding, under the sign manual of that " good old slaveholder and patriarch, Isaac."  The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. How hard to keep his voice round and full while he spoke to Isaac!  Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren
  3. " Call Isaac, then," said Toussaint.  The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  4. And is thus declared, that obedience to its requirements was ordained, " He hath remembered his covenant for ever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations: which covenant he made with Abraham, and his oath unto Isaac; and confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant."  The Ordinance of Covenanting by John Cunningham