Common misspellings for isles:

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Usage examples for isles

  1. The isles of the Mediterranean are of limestone, or of volcanic, origin, often of both.  An Introduction to Chemical Science by R.P. Williams
  2. The following extract from Adrian's bull on that occasion will explain the nature and object of the donation: No one doubts, and you know the fact yourself, that Ireland, and all the isles that have received the Christian faith belong to the church of Rome.  Monks, Popes, and their Political Intrigues by John Alberger
  3. There was no sign of life at Captain Jack's house when we came to it, so I concluded that he had not yet returned from the Scilly Isles.  The Birthright by Joseph Hocking
  4. But there's no use concealing the fact that what one remembered really was his daughter, who at that time came out to live with him- and be a sort of Lady of the Isles.  'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad