Common misspellings for objects:

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Usage examples for objects

  1. The women in her rear bear parfleches containing the tongues, together with blankets and other ordinary objects.  The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians by Clark Wissler
  2. You know that M. de Jonzac objects to your speaking in that way.  Bijou by Gyp
  3. The nature of things, the great objects of society, the express objects of the Constitution itself require that this thing should be otherwise.  History-of-the-Impeachment-of-Andrew-Johnson-President-of-the-United-States-by-the-House-of-Representatives-and-his-trial-by-the-Senate-for-high-crimes-and-misdemeanors-in-office-1868 by Ross, Edmund G. (Edmund Gibson)
  4. They also make it possible to judge of the weight of objects.  Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools by Francis M. Walters, A.M.