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Common misspellings for touch:

tuch – 
touc – 
tocuch – 
toch – 
otuch – 
ocuh – 
tiouch – 
thouch – 
atouch – 
tought – 
touth – 
teached – 
puch – 
tuoch – 
tauch – 
tocuh – 
tou – 
touche – 
toiuch – 
touchs – 
tounch – 
tourch – 
topuch – 
ktouch – 
touck – 
trouch – 
youch – 
touchup – 
toutch – 
touvh – 
tutch – 

Definition of touch:

  • To come in contact with; to perceive by the sense of feeling; to come to; to reach; to try; to concern; to handle slightly; to meddle with; to affect; to move; to soften; to delineate slightly; to strike; to be in contact with. To touch up, to repair. To touch the wind, to keep near it.
  • To come close to or in contact with; to perceive by the sense of feeling; to handle slightly; to put the hand, finger, foot, or other part on or against; to arrive at; to meddle with; to rub or strike against; to soften; to make an impression on, as the heart; to be in a state of contact; to take effect; to treat of slightly in a discourse.
  • The contact of two bodies at the surface; the sense of feeling; that by which anything is examined; the act of putting the hand, finger, or other on or against; a single act of a pencil upon the pictures being painted; a stroke; slight notice quantity intermixed.
  • Contact; the junction of two bodies at the surface so that there is no space between them; the sense of feeling; the act of touching; test; tried qualities; the single set of a pencil, & c.; feature; act of the hand on a musical instrument; an affection; a stroke; the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers.
  • To be in contact; to be in a state of junction; to treat of slightly in discourse.

Usage examples for touch:

  • Please do not touch – "The World's Greatest Books, Vol III", Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds..
  • It seemed too pretty to touch – "The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan", Lizette M. Edholm.
  • My dear one always said that he could not touch it. – "Phineas Redux", Anthony Trollope.
  • He- he won't touch me again while you are here. – "The Crisis, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009.

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