Common misspellings for 65:

t65, 6t5, y65, 6y5, 765, 675, 6r5, 65r, 65t, 665, 6 5.

Usage examples for 65

  1. This is thine high reward:- the past shall rise; 65 Thou shalt behold the present; I will teach The secrets of the future.  The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Volume III by Percy Bysshe Shelley Edited by Thomas Hutchinson, M. A.
  2. Section 21. 65. How are Judges of the Superior Courts elected ?  School History of North Carolina by John W. Moore
  3. Suppose, for example, that it is desired to know how much water per pound of coal must be evaporated to produce a boiler efficiency of 65 per cent with coal having a heating value of 13, 500 B. t.  Engineering Bulletin No 1: Boiler and Furnace Testing by Rufus T. Strohm
  4. Public affairs are administered by a Lieutenant Governor, assisted by an Executive Council, a Legislative Council of 24 members, and a Legislative Assembly of 65 members.  Alden's Handy Atlas of the World by John B. Alden