Usage examples for alphabet

  1. We commenced at once with twelve children, but found that unfortunately we had come without any alphabet cards.  Missionary Work Among The Ojebway Indians by Edward Francis Wilson
  2. It is like taking letters out of the alphabet.  Revisiting the Earth by James Langdon Hill
  3. He had turned her back to the alphabet; and, in time, in time, they- would see what she could do.  The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  4. I tried my first experiment on a child a little more than four years old, by printing on a black- board certain words, letter by letter, until he had learned the whole alphabet, both to know each character at sight, and to print it on the black- board, and it was a signal success.  Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy. by Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann