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Definition of contagion:

Usage examples for contagion

  1. Hauing auoyded the contagion of others, yet we haue it in our selues.  A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; and Antonius by Garnier by Philippe de Mornay Robert Garnier
  2. Both horses began to feel the contagion of the race, especially Dollie who had been, as January said, a race horse in her day.  A Little Florida Lady by Dorothy C. Paine
  3. Here Mr. Garie indulged in another burst of laughter so side- shaking and merry, that the contagion spread even to the little girl in Mrs. Garie's arms, who almost choked herself with the tea her mother was giving her, and who had to be hustled and shaken for some time before she could be brought round again.  The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  4. Andros escaped contagion longer than any of his companions, with one exception.  American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge