Common misspellings for eleventh:

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Usage examples for eleventh

  1. When, ten days later, Eric helped the family to settle in its new home in Detroit, the headquarters of the Eleventh Lighthouse District, he thought his fears of cold would be unfounded.  The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  2. While he was with her the eleventh paper- knife came- from his mother's friend, the Duchess of Veauleglise.  Arsene Lupin by Edgar Jepson Maurice Leblanc
  3. On the ninth Day, when the Progress of the Malady has been speedy, and on the eleventh, when it has been very slow, no Trace of the Redness is to be found; and the Surface immediately resumes its usual Appearance.  Advice to the people in general, with regard to their health by Samuel Auguste David Tissot
  4. There is an evident gap, I had almost said a gulf, between the architectural mind of the eleventh and that of the thirteenth century.  Literary and General Lectures and Essays by Charles Kingsley