Common misspellings for ku:

k7, jku, kju, mku, kmu, lku, oku, kyu, khu, kuj, k8u, ku8, k7u, ku7, kku, kuu, k u.

Usage examples for ku

  1. I done got it proned inter me that I'm gwine for to be Ku- Klucked long 'fo' I have gray ha'r.  The Bishop and the Boogerman by Joel Chandler Harris
  2. Because what had been hollowed out was intended at first as a place of safety and protection, as a cover; and it was called therefore by the root ku or sku, which conveyed the idea of to cover.  Lectures on The Science of Language by Max Müller
  3. We've got food and water inside us; we can reach Master Leithgow's laboratory in these here suits; an' to top it all we've finished high an' mighty Ku Sui.  The Bluff of the Hawk by Anthony Gilmore