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Usage examples for russian

  1. At the word " wife" he fell to weeping bitterly, and, despite his city breeding and his philosophy, he prostrated himself humbly, after the fashion of a Russian beggar, before the feet of his relatives, and even beat his brow against the floor.  A Nobleman's Nest by Ivan Turgenieff
  2. He presented it to me, but it was written in the Russian language, which, as already observed, none of us could read.  A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 by Robert Kerr
  3. Only one spot I remember where a clump of Russian willow close to the trail had offered shelter enough to allow the wind to fill in the narrow road- gap to a depth of maybe eight or nine feet; but here it was easy to go around to the west.  Over Prairie Trails by Frederick Philip Grove
  4. It must be Russian.  The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe