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Usage examples for scots

  1. There was a Scots bargain for you!  A Minstrel In France by Harry Lauder
  2. He also refers to the celebrated league which Charlemagne is said to have entered into in the beginning of the ninth century with Achaius, King of Scotland, on account of his assistance in war, " for which special service performed by the Scots the French king encompassed the Scots lion, which was famous all over Europe, with a double tressure, flowered and counterflowered with flower de luces, the armorial figures of France, of the colour of the lion, to show that it had formerly defended the French lilies, and that these thereafter shall continue a defence for the Scots lion and as a badge of friendship."  Flags: Some Account of their History and Uses. by Andrew Macgeorge
  3. Jack, lad, he used to bellow in his curious squeak of a voice, a gentleman you may be of guid Scots blood.  Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  4. At supper he ate little and spoke less; and when James would have related his encounter within the Scots, he cut him short, saying, 'Let that rest till morning; I am sick of hearing of it!  The Caged Lion by Charlotte M. Yonge