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Usage examples for treatise

  1. Rather to my surprise Lalage accepted the reminiscences as a tolerable substitute for the economic treatise.  Lalage's Lovers 1911 by George A. Birmingham
  2. Thus, we have here a differentiation of the original Social Department into six distinct divisions, which we shall consider separately in this treatise.  The Social Work of the Salvation Army by Edwin Gifford Lamb
  3. Other busy, practical souls will prefer a more compact, straightforward treatise, that is like a lesson in a class- room, rather than a stroll in the fields, or a tour among the fruit farms, and while sorry to lose their company, I have no occasion to find fault.  Success With Small Fruits by E. P. Roe
  4. As it is not my object to write a treatise on general physiology, I will turn at once to the subject of the relation of life and health as affected by the abnormal supply and action of ear- wax.  Philosophy of Osteopathy by Andrew T. Still