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Usage examples for unaccustomed

  1. I told him, one night, I could not stand his field work any longer; he asked, why; I said I was almost starved to death, and had long been unaccustomed to this severe labor.  Narrative of the Life of Moses Grandy, Late a Slave in the United States of America by Moses Grandy
  2. His face lighted with a look of wondering awe, and an involuntary exclamation came from his lips as his unaccustomed eyes swept the wide view that lay from his feet unrolled before him.  When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright
  3. He approached the company with a courteous salutation; and, after the manner of travelling students, asked charity with the confident air of one unaccustomed to refusal.  Hyperion by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  4. It was that fool trip, in that fool motor- Conward smiled to himself over her unaccustomed violence.  The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead