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Definition of adams:

Usage examples for adams

  1. Mrs. Adams is coming to help you this afternoon.  Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  2. It is a matter of history how Adams carried out his purpose, and how through a series of unlucky accidents he did not get the sole credit for his discovery of the planet Neptune.  St. John's College, Cambridge by Robert Forsyth Scott
  3. Adrienne must go out of town, and I'm going to run down to some little country place and find rooms for her and Mrs. Adams.  The Splendid Folly by Margaret Pedler
  4. But how do you suppose I am ever going to be able to get through with all my Christmas church music and give a dinner party with Miss Adams and Mr. Hunt present and perhaps have Betty’ s Camp Fire girls here for an afternoon?  The Camp Fire Girls' Careers by Margaret Vandercook