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Usage examples for concord

  1. This is an example of a disputed point of concord in respect to the person of the verb.  The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  2. It seems that for a long while one member or another of the Page family of Bedford had been accustomed to carrying the colors of the militia, and therefore when the alarm was given and Nathaniel Page started for Concord, it was as natural for him to seize his flag as his gun.  The Little Book of the Flag by Eva March Tappan
  3. A mechanic had written from South Boston asking us to see his wife's automatic writing, and a farmer had come down from Concord to tell us of a haunted house and the mysterious rappings on its walls.  The Shadow World by Hamlin Garland
  4. First they were to go to Lexington, and having arrested the " traitors" they were next to march on to Concord to seize the large war stores which were known to be gathered there.  This Country Of Ours by H. E. Marshall Author: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall