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Definition of stimulating:

Usage examples for stimulating

  1. But I wonder if we should grow very lazy if we stayed here all the year round; village life is not stimulating, and there would not be much to do in winter,- though I do not believe that need be true; one may be busy and useful in any place."  Deephaven and Selected Stories & Sketches by Sarah Orne Jewett
  2. Professor Geddes must, however, be congratulated on a stimulating paper, and upon his discovery of Eutopia.  Civics: as Applied Sociology by Patrick Geddes
  3. In Neuchatel the presence of the young professor was felt at once as a new and stimulating influence.  Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence by Louis Agassiz
  4. They are offered in the hope of stimulating response and further development.  Humanistic-Nursing by Paterson, Josephine G.