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Definition of forfeit:

Usage examples for forfeit

  1. Those who make a mistake pay a forfeit.  What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  2. He understood that to leave them would be to forfeit their friendship, which he well knew was of a sort too rare to be slighted or thrown aside.  At the Time Appointed by A. Maynard Barbour
  3. If the man was already a murderer, his life was already forfeit.  Doors of the Night by Frank L. Packard
  4. And also we have a king, not only for to do justice to every man, for he shall find no forfeit among us; but for to keep noblesse, and for to shew that we be obeissant, we have a king.  The-Travels-of-Sir-John-Mandeville by Mandeville, John, Sir