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Usage examples for chinese

  1. Sez I, " That's so; leaves are turned over in Josiah Allen's mind now as long as we've been pardners that has readin' on 'em as strange to me as if they wuz writ in Chinese or Japan."  Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  2. It's all like a Chinese puzzle.  Opportunities by Susan Warner
  3. Her tiny feet peeped out beneath the lace, clad in pale blue silk stockings and fascinating Chinese slippers that turned up at the toes.  Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed
  4. " It just isn't one of the Chinese dolls' shoes, and if you don't believe me, you can go and look for yourself," said Griselda.  The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs. Molesworth